• Piano
  • Guitar
  • Songwriting


  • Bachelor of Arts & Sciences, University of Arizona


  • Songwriting for beginners and intermediate
  • Piano
  • Live Performance
  • Concert/Venue Organization and Artist Promotion


Bob would like to work with students who either want to start  songwriting, as well as students who are already writing and composing, but want to develop or advance their skills. Giving students creative tools and fundamentals to advance their songwriting and composition, with music, as well as wordsmithing.

Bob Paltrow is a classically-trained pianist, guitarist and songwriter, composing and performing in a variety of genres including rock, pop, folk, jazz, folk, latin and blues.

Bob has over 45 years of experience composing, recording, and performing solo and with music groups, primarily as a pianist and keyboard player, but also playing acoustic and electric guitar in several groups and as a singer-songwriter. Bob grew up in a musical household, his father earned a music teaching degree and was a professional singer and accordion player after college; Bob’s mother was an avid guitar player and singer as well.

Bob began private piano lessons at age 10 in Massapequa, Long Island, NY. At age 16, his family moved to Tucson, Arizona where he continued studying with local jazz piano great Mickey Greco through the end of high school. He enrolled in the University of Arizona music school in 1980, with an emphasis in piano performance.

In 1992 Bob began working as principal graphic designer and doing promotion and marketing for acclaimed New Age music label Soundings of the Planet, formed in Tucson, AZ and now based in Bellingham, WA.

In 1994, Bob moved to Bellingham full time, and has since performed solo and with a variety of musical groups and genres including rock, folk, blues, afro-cuban and even with a belly-dance troupe that was the 2nd largest group of Middle-Eastern dancers and live musicians in Washington in the late 90’s.

Bob has recorded two original solo instrumental piano albums; one studio album and one live album with his former band Patriots of Tomorrow; and the recently completed (2018) self-titled album with his current project, Ruby Flambé, featuring singer-songwriter Bailey Ann Martinet on ukulele.

Currently, he operates his creative agency Bob Paltrow Design, where among other things, he helps promote and market musicians in Whatcom and Skagit counties. Bob believes music and art should be fun; that individuality and creativity are paramount; and finds great fulfillment in helping younger musicians find and develop their creative niche.


Scott Joplin, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, Jeff Beck, The Cars, PJ Harvey, Muse, Band of Skulls, The XX, Nirvana, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Stephen Schwartz (Broadway composer), Black Keys, White Stripes