• Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Electric Bassist, Ukulelist, Composer


Bachelor of Music in Theory/Composition, Elmhurst College (Elmhurst, IL)


  • Electric Bass (Jazz, Blues, Soul, Bluegrass, Rock)
  • Guitar (Acoustic, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock)
  • Singer-Songwriter Skills
  • Composition (Orchestra, Band, Small Ensembles)
  • Practical Music Theory/Ear Training
  • Practice Organization and Strategies
  • Ukulele


Dan is a lifelong student of music and of the process of learning. His students can expect to develop both skills. Dan enjoys teaching and focuses on making ideas click and stick. He paces lessons in a way that over time his students will connect isolated ideas into larger models.

In college, Dan studied with a master teacher who showed him the power of effective learning. This was a life changing event and ever since, Dan gives as much thought to HOW to practice as WHAT to practice. Shortly after this revelation, Dan began teaching. It turns out teaching is another lifelong study and one decade later, Dan continues to sharpen his teaching alongside his students’ playing and learning.

Dan loves playing with other musicians and is currently playing bass in a bluegrass group and also in a jazz duo. He is a focused singer-songwriter and collaborates with singer-songwriters throughout Bellingham.

Dan’s students learn to involve their ears whenever they play. He also makes it a point to free his students from their technical barriers. Dan prefers to work on student-selected songs but will suggest material when a student doesn’t have anything in mind. Dan works with kids from third grade up, teens and adults. He teaches most styles. Please contact the front desk to confirm if you have a specific style you want to study with Dan.