• Piano
  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Songwriting


  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), Western Washington University 1998


  • Beginning, intermediate, & advanced guitar
  • Beginning, intermediate, & advanced piano
  • Beginning ukulele
  • Music Theory
  • Sound Theory/Ear Training
  • Mixing, Mastering, Production, & Engineering (Pro Tools)
  • Song Writing


After having spent years in many different bands (an Irish band, a hop-hop group, an R&B band, 3 different rock bands, a jam band, and a 90’s pop rock band) Erik spends most of his music energy gigging with Anissa, a local Jazz singer, doing session work for local producers, and writing songs/albums for him and Anissa. Born in Gig Harbor but now firmly planted in Bellingham since 1992 Erik has had an ear for music since he was young. His first experience with playing music was teaching himself how to play the Olympics theme song on piano, after which he began formal training. In middle school he played trumpet and French horn. He is 100% self-taught on the guitar. Among Erik’s various interests are exercising (biking & gung-fu), philosophy, language, and mathematics.

Van Halen, Ted Green, Bach, Chopin, Scott Joplin, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Bill Evans, to name a few.