• Manolin
  • Ukulele


Job Training — Naval School of Music 2007
Associates of Liberal Arts (DTA) — Whatcom Community College 2016
Associates of Science (AST2) — Whatcom Community College 2018


Musical instrument lessons
Music Theory and arranging
Music improvisation
Vocal Harmonies
Ear Training
Audition preparation
Practice techniques
Singer songwriter techniques
Home Recording DAW — Pro Tools
Sight Reading techniques
Music Communication
Music by Numbers
Guitars, Mandolin, Ukulele, Bass, Low brass, Harmonica, Singing, Songwriting, DAW


John Henry was born in Eugene, OR and transplanted to Marysville, WA at an early age.
In the 7th grade he joined middle school band. He was inspired by Lisa Simpson and Bleeding Gums Murphy’s rendition of Jazzman on the saxophones. He intended on playing saxophone in the band, but everybody else wanted to play the saxophone, so he started on the euphonium instead. John never learned the saxophone.

Throughout John’s schooling, he was accosted by teachers for playing everyone else’s instruments and touching the piano, timpanis and tamtam. He eventually learned the piano and developed his first ideas on music theory through symmetry that exists on the piano.

When John was in highschool, he joined the church youth band with his piano player friend who had a mutual interest in the Beatles. John played on euphonium and eventually picked up the bass.

As a Sophmore in highschool, John wanted to learn guitar. He borrowed friends guitars on the weekends and eventually learned to play. He also started recording himself on tape decks with a built in microphone. John’s friend from the church band showed him how to use his first digital audio workstation (DAW), it was the demo version of Sony Acid Pro. Recording became his main focus and school was put on the backburner. John released his first self recorded album before the end of his senior year. He didn’t graduate with the rest of his class.

In 2006 he received a call from a very convincing Marine recruiter who got him an audition for the Marine Band. John, like all marines, had no idea what he was getting himself into, and before he knew it he was swearing an oath to a judge. He initially wanted to play the guitar, but hadn’t developed the skill. So he auditioned on euphonium and failed. He failed four times and passed his fifth audition. Most people don’t get five chances, but because he didn’t graduate high school like he was supposed to, the recruiter had to push back his bootcamp date until he also completed the required high school courses.

Whilst at Marine combat training, John started working out on paper how to play the mandolin. A few months later, he attended the Naval school of music where he ordered his first mandolin and got to work recording. The navy school also provided a well rounded musical education.
He spent the next four years performing music on euphonium for military ceremonies, community events, sporting events, memorial services, fairs, festivals and concerts at venues that spanned the country. On the side he attended local singer songwriter nights and even joined a country band that went on a mini tour.

In 2010, John was discharged from the Marines and amassed together a team of musicians and songwriters which he knew from high school, including his friend who likes the Beatles. They called themselves the Lucky Strikes and they recorded their first album at London Bridge Studios in 2011. John still plays and records music with these musicians in the Band Van Dog. Most rehearsals and performances are recorded.

In 2015 John started at Whatcom Community College where he tried to take All the classes but got held up by all the unnecessary red tape. On the side, he was a guitar, piano and music theory tutor in the Veteran Services Office and aided veterans in rediscovering their musicality.

Presently, John resides in the Columbia neighborhood of Bellingham with his wife and 12 year old son. He writes and records music with his band.


The Beatles, Grateful Dead, David Bowie, Old School Freight Train, Phish, Rolling Stones, Victor Wooten, Neil Young, Parliament Funkadelic, Bill Evans, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, Hiatus Kaiyote, Herbie Hancock, Jonathan “sugarfoot” Moffitt, Bootsy Collins, Joni Mitchell, Sarah Vaughn

Current Projects:

John Henry, solo songwriter
Band Van Dog


Mobile — Solo –2006
Big Rojo and the Covered Wagon — The Lucky Strikes — 2011
Ponderosa Brown — The Lucky Strikes — 2013
Wabi Sabi Gold — Band Van Dog — 2016
Go Green — Band Van Dog — 2016
Tumblin’ Life — Band Van Dog — 2017
Duderonomy (aka Elbonian Nights) — Band Van Dog — 2017