• Piano
  • Keyboard/Synthesizer
  • Melodica
  • Didgeridoo
  • Trombone


  • Associates Degree in Arts and Science from Whatcom Community College

Teaching people piano/keyboard; all ages.
Music theory
Early childhood development
Nonviolent communication
Being patient


Orion Lackey is a father and musician/piano teacher who was born in the Pacific NW in 1990 and currently resides in a yurt near the south end of Lake Whatcom. His experience with his own child who is currently 4 has taught him a lot about working with young children and keeping lessons fun and engaging. Orion has years of experience in a wide variety of styles/genres, and performing with various bands and circuses. Some of his previous projects include The Endorfins, Pacific High, Living Arrows, The Emergency Circus, Something Wonderful, and more. Orion studied piano for over a decade with various piano teachers including Forrest Kenny.

Orion takes an individualized approach to teaching piano lessons. He teaches in a non traditional, intuitive method based on creativity that revolves around the students interests, needs, abilities, and goals. He likes to help his students learn how to improvise, compose and to play the songs that they want to learn. Orion has been teaching piano lessons consistently for around 5 years now. He has developed the ability to translate the content/structure of most songs into arrangements that his students can understand play.  Overall, Orion’s goals are to help his students become better musicians and develop a healthy, productive and happy relationship with the piano!


Forrest Kenny, John Holt, Rodrigo Y Gabriella, Scott Joplin, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Vipassana, OCF, Chet Faker, Herbie Hancock, Charlie Hunter, many more…

Current projects

Solo project called Music with Orion where Orion makes ambient loops using synthesizers.
Sleepy Alligators, a Grateful Dead tribute band.
OCF fire show.
Enrichment Class at Parkview Elementary where he teaches group keyboard classes and juggling.