• Digital Audio Workspace (DAW)
  • Subtractive, FM, and Wavetable Synthesis


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry from Western Washington University


  • Ableton Live and Native Instruments’ Traktor software
  • Computer savvy with knowledge of both Windows and Mac, hardware setup & optimization, and trouble-shooting
  • Recording
  • Event Organization and Promotion
  • Bass Guitar


Rowan’s affinity for music has been an ever-present force in his life that he has cultivated since he took his first lessons in Violin and Flute, having since then self-educated himself in the Bass Guitar, Electronic Music Production, and DJing. He played in bands both orchestral and 4-piece before deciding to develop his own personal sound. He spent the last 5 years becoming proficient at using Ableton and its many plug-ins as his main production tools.

Rowan has lived in Whatcom County for 8 years now and remains rooted in the fertile grounds of Bellingham, after having completed his degree in Biochemistry from WWU.

Intent on sharing new technology along with new musical genres and modern sound, Rowan develops his curriculum to get his students quickly experimenting with sound design while explaining techniques and fundamental theory for mixing and composing using Ableton Live. Programs like Ableton can be intimidating because of how much can be accomplished solely within the program (much like Adobe’s Photoshop), so Rowan focuses on teaching the sound design process and how small musical elements can be built upon, layer by layer, to become whole songs. Students can learn how to make any genre of electronic or hybrid electronic music, based on their own interests and goals.

He is currently producing an album with his project Star Dive, which features an original sound with medieval-inspired electronic music, integrating live instrumentation like bass guitar and electric harp.

In his spare time he also DJ’s locally with bass-heavy dance music under the moniker Rowmancer.

Rowan, along with his wife, have produced their own local show series Sonosphere Salon, operating as a sound and entertainment company The Sonosphere LLC. He has run sound for other local shows, and rents out his sound system for events.

*** No matter the version of Ableton the student uses (Lite, Intro, Standard, or Suite), I make sure my students have access to all of the standard sound design tools. I provide Virtual Studio Technology (VSTs), including free plugins I’ve cultivated from the internet and presets I design myself. I provide students access to my own sound library and create sample packs for their personal use. We also will share our files through Splice, an online platform for collaborating with others by storing their Ableton Projects. ***


Brian Eno, Nirvana, Of Montreal, State Azure, Porcupine Tree, Queens of the Stone Age, Silversun Pickups, Boards of Canada, Govinda, Led Zeppelin.

Current Projects:

  • Duo project called Star Dive, where Rowan plays bass guitar over loops and digital accompaniment along with his wife Louisa who sings and plays electric harp.
  • DJs locally under the moniker Rowmancer.
  • Co-owner at The Sonosphere LLC, a visual light and sound entertainment company.